Finding the right relationship

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Relationships are the process to discover what you really want in a relationship, every relationship is the building  platform which you discover what you want in a relationship which you place into your vibration of what you really desire for you, it is building into the imagination of what you really do want, you identify you really like this in that person, you really like that in that person, and you bring these about into a vibration and this is felt by collective conscious and we work on delivering the person you have created, but if you look at what you don’t like in that person or this person you will build up the very person that you do not want. When you focus upon what you do not like, you perpetuate that thought and that thought will become the dominate thought and this thought will be delivered to you, it is to change the thoughts to what you really do want only and we mean only, If you were to look at that person who is looking for a better relationship, and consistently says I don’t want to meet a heavy drinker, she will meet a heavy drinker, because that is her dominate thought pattern.

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