The powerful imagination tool

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Those who have not obtained success is coming from a very powerful asking for more improvement but not only from improvement for themselves but the thought consciousness improvement to re-focus and tune into this life stream, because they can have it all, it is only a thought perception away, it is only an imagination away and having strong focus and believing in the improvement.

Those who thrive are already tuned into their life stream, and they see success and imagine success and live success.

The power of focused imagination

The people who surround you disbelieve what you may know what you want for you, or they say why has it not happened yet, or why are you not working, and they spew this daily until it becomes a doubt within, but within, you know, how you know, you just know it, it takes a powerful focuser not to indulge in those thoughts of them, for them it is normally they are not happy where they are and then load off on you to go with their thoughts. For those who vibrate these thoughts are not uplifting or in any form of connection to their guidance system.

Have you spoken to someone about an exciting thing, for them to down trod your idea, and yet you felt so inspired, those inspired ideas are coming to you to focus upon and grow it into a creational imagination for the Collective Consciousness and you to bring it into a reality, and the only things that takes this idea away is by the very people you interact with or by your own thoughts off doubt.

Focus away from the naysayers the peanut galleries, and completely trust in what you feel within you, because this is your truth.

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