Close your gap of time

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Imagine you are fishing with a lure that is your desire and the fish is the vibrating time and is us, you throw the line out, the lure is your thought desires sent out into the universe, you reel the line in a bit, we the time fish draws closer, the lure and fish being us feels this vibration, the line is reeled in again and the lure is feeling swimmingly fine, and we feel the alignment, the fish is getting closer, the fisherman the lure and the fish are now all in synchronicity, it is all drawing in nicely, and when everything is feeling positively delicious the fish will take the lure and the fisherman receives the manifestation. What slows the manifestation is the thought lure is projected, and then the fisherman thinks, is there any fish here, and then the lure snags with doubt, the lure gets wedged even further into the crack. It is to throw the thoughts and reel the fish and the lure together with no doubt. The excitement is to project out with the excitement of knowing, and glow with the excitement, and then to release the excitement, and just look at the water and the birds and bees and in appreciation of in the now, and when the projected thought arises again create the thought again and build into a more specific desire and then let it go and look at the birds and bees and find ways to appreciate what is in the now, do this process and the manifestation will come it is not a pipe dream it is a universal law if you are aligned in vibration it must come to you.

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