Architectural Construction First

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You may be thinking why should I imagine it when I can just go out and do it, there is two ways to this scenario, the imagined thought desire is growing, it is pulsating it will become, and it is growing even more, this imaginative desire will work out for you to enjoy, whereas an action oriented desire is short term it does not have the thought  power before creating it, an example is you want a partner, you say I want a partner, but what partner have you told the universe you desire for you, or did you receive a partner that was like the previous partner this relationship will be short term, and no different from the previous partner, you have to focus into being the desired partner you would like.

Now here is another kicker you have to look only to what you want and leave out what you did not like in the previous partner, because the more you think about the previous partners bad habits or what you did not like in them you are vibrating the same again, it is only to focus upon what you want for you, this is a vibrational universe and you are pulsating all of these thoughts.

This same vibration is in the creating of a business, a home, a job, you have to imagine the platform and construct how you would like it to be, and to feel every component into an imagined vibration.

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