Clarity (Excerpt)



Read not to contradict and confute, nor to find talk and disclosure, but to weigh and consider

: Francis Bacon

We are all vibrating energy and receiving vibrational energy that is perceived in and by the non- physical part of you which resides within you, which you call your Soul, or Spirit, or Spiritual Self, or Your Inner Being, and it is felt in the here and now in the physical reality of The Self. You can never detach or disconnect from this vibration, it exists forever, even in death, and re-emerges again and again. It is the energy life stream of your many life time experiences and it is forever building to an even greater expansion of your Inner Being.  You are all intertwined in this collective conscious energy stream, not separate from it.

I and We have chosen to come forth into this life time to experience expansion and growth for our Source energy our Inner Being, which resides within, and most of all to remember that we are all extensions of this Source energy forever changing and expanding.

This growth is the expansion of our own emotional vibrational energy stream, with each emotional process that we experience, creates an expansion of energy within our own Inner Being. This energy expands experientially out into the Universe and becomes a greater expansion of your Inner Being and to the Source which; is this stream of energy that flows to you and through you, and this energy expands experientially out into the Universe and becomes a greater expansion of your Inner Being.

We are here to create; you and I have come here to evolve as deliberate manifesting creators. The deliberate creator intentionally intends its intentions and manifesting into his/her experience via the intentions of the inner consciousness Your Inner Being, and the non-physical infinite collective intelligence energies of the universe. This energy exists, this collective intelligence energy is with you always, if your intentions is asking with powerful wanting of being a scientist, call upon a scientist energy of i.e. Albert Einstein, if you want to be a painter call upon one of the energies i.e.; Leonardo da Vinci or Picasso, they all exist and are eager to clarify and guide your path your thoughts. This energy exists and can be called upon even with a living physical being for interaction and clarification; it is the exchange of Collective Consciousness of vibrational energy. If you have a strong calling for value and enhancement for your Inner Being, it begins with the thought, and in the quiet moments you have in thought, are they your thoughts? Or the stream of Infinite Intelligence energy, giving thought to the ideas.

This stream is powerful; it is the discrediting of your thoughts and what you have been taught, by other individuals that have no idea of this energy stream.

It is not to understand the stream, but to know it exists. To understand or make sense of it, takes you further away from it.

When you come to the decision and acknowledge that this life stream exists, and it exists in how you feel, it then begins the opening of the portals to more information, to more solutions, to more clear thinking to the outcomes, to the desires, and to feeling more into greater detail of your internal emotions, is where it all resides. You don’t turn on the light switch and ask how did you get here, how does this power make light, you just trust the power is making light, this is the same power that is vibrating through every living person, nature and animals, the difference between man and animal is the animals work with this vibrating energy always, they intuitively know, whereas man has lost touch with this intuitive energy. The intuitive part of you just knows, how you know is all up to you, and that is getting to know you, with You.

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