Thoughts Create (Excerpt)

The Author

Not so long ago I experienced a thought voice and it said ‘There is going to be an accident’ within one minute I was in a severe head on car crash with the opposing driver falling asleep at the wheel, and yes! I was pronounced deceased. I woke up to see the paramedics working on the other occupants of the car, and I just knew they thought I was dead. But to put more emphasis to the details it was like I knew I was going to be alright, while the time stood still but all the processes I did in this short time space was phenomenal, I identified the cars behind me were far enough away to not shunt up to the back of the car, I saw the driver in front of me which I thought he had had  a heart attack and I saw arms flailing in the air in the back seat, and thought I hope they had a seat belt on, it was like I was making sure everyone was alright and then I just let go of control of the steering wheel and waited for the bang, and then to see the bonnet concertina all the way to me and then bang. I can tell you it was quite a surreal feeling to wake up and see a helicopter coming in to land and the fire engine from the city arrived which had the jaws of life, and to see a fire man with his back to me to stop other people looking at me which I was still partly in the steering wheel, this is when I knew they thought I was no longer a survivor.

So, who was this voice how could I possibly have known and felt the process to all the events.

If we are from thought consciousness which is from time and space and we projected our vortex of thought to this time and space, then the possibility is for this thought consciousness to hold the matter in time, meaning the human matter, at the time preceding the accident.

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Thoughts Create by Suzanne Massee

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