What are the no relevance thoughts

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Excerpts from the book of ‘ADAM and EVE BECOMING’

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Thoughts are powerful, thoughts are the indicator to which direction you are taking, many thoughts float in and out some of these thoughts are none of your business, or a thought that stays active and holds you in a place that creates more of that thought.

Take the time to observe your thoughts a thought can pop up and you will decipher how did this thought come about and what activated that thought, this activated thought is still in vibration, it is to take the thought and decipher is this thought an important belief to hold onto, everything is thought, and how you think in the thought, then this thought will become a feeling and then an emotion, it is the emotion that is the indicator to where this thought is leading too, if the thought feels negative is this the thought you want to activate, if this thought feels up-lifting, and the feeling emotion is feeling really positive then activate more of this thought and the more thought given the more it will become.

Physical humans hold no credence to thought, and how the thoughts relate to the feelings and emotions; they use their thoughts as a usage for learning and creating action to create movement, and have not come to understand that the thoughts create the feeling emotion which creates momentum movement to the outcome, to the desires, and to the realiser of solutions and which path is the right choice for them, instead they think a thought, it may think not so good because they can feel it does not feel good, but they still take that path because they think there is no other choice, whereas if they felt for the emotion they then will realise the choice they are making is not the right choice, instead they rush into something that only will disappoint and not lead them to anywhere, the creation of movement is in asking for what you want, and then to dream about how it would feel to have what is wanted, and then to leave that thought and do some pleasurable tasks or basking or mediation, and during the time just quietly think about how nice it would be to have what it is you have been asking for and then do the process again and then you will begin to feel a shift within and basking again and then do the process again, in this process through a process of time which has no resistance to the thought or the solution, the manifestation will occur, what holds back the desire is looking at the reality, looking at the conditions, and the negative thoughts, and the prevalent thoughts on how and when and why is it not happening, when you recognise how powerful your thoughts are you will consistently observe thoughts, and the feeling emotions and will treat this feeling into more practiced feelings, and then you will deliberately create your manifestations and in turn create a new platform of asking for more desires and more contrasting thoughts to clarify and then to obtain clarity and so on and so on.

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