Feelings and Emotions

The thing always happens that you really believe in; and the belief in a thing makes it happen.

: Frank Loyd Wright

Excerpts from the book of ‘CLARITY’ available  https://www.suzannemassee.com



How do I feel in this point in time, feelings are the indicators of where I am right now, feelings guide me when a situation is not comfortable, do I go with this uncomfortable feeling or do I step aside and change this feeling.

This is your journey, and your journey alone, you have the choice of how to feel and what feels right for you. Nobody can make you feel what you are feeling; feelings are your feelings, and their feelings are theirs. When somebody says you make me feel terrible, only they can make themselves feel terrible, you are not in control of their Inner Being guidance system of their own Source, you are in control of your Source and your Source alone. Feelings are derived always from their perspective of their Inner Being of The Self.  Look at why you feel terrible, what is it that made you feel terrible, are you allowing somebody else control your behaviour of you, only you can make yourself feel terrible. Nobody can make you do or be if you don’t want to. If you are tuned into the whole of who you are, nothing can come in and control or hurt you.

Negative emotion is the most practised emotion it feels normal to most everyone, it is to recognise this negative emotion and clean it up.

This is not a physiological trip; this is an emotional vibrational universe, and everything is a vibrating frequency of energy, and you feel this through your emotions.

Momentum of thought reverts to emotional feelings, these are indicators to what point of attraction that you are in vibration with, and if you have good feeling thoughts, positive joy and appreciation thoughts you are on the vibrational path that is becoming the true alignment of who you really are, and with your Inner Being your own Source.

If the momentum of thought is pointing you into a dark heavy energy, and your emotions are spiralling out of control, and you feel out of whack you are on a vibrational pattern that is not in true alignment to who you really are, or to become, the Inner Being within you knows when you are out of synch to who you are meant to be, these feelings are not from The Source, for The Source is of pure energy and is giving indicators to change your emotions, this is your mood indicator to where you are standing at every moment in time. Every time you feel your mood dive, always remember this is not The Source within, it is you that has deviated from your Inner Being your Source, The negative emotion you feel is you not taking the bounce to where your Inner Being is, it is you, still looking at what is, take the bounce – you have to keep up with you.

When you feel the off-ness to a feeling always revert your thoughts to my Inner Being does not see it that way, this makes it easier to get of that off-ness feeling when you start to think I have a negative emotion, to think about how your Inner Being sees it, really brings your feelings back into alignment.

Life experiences teaches emotions that words cannot teach, feel the emotion, feel how it feels when in a heavy feeling, feel how it feels to be in a light feeling, feel the feelings of these feelings until you can decipher what you are feeling, this is the greatest turning point to evolve a new you. Once tuned in you can feel this energy, and you can change these emotions as quick as a blink of an eye, life is not meant to be a struggle when you are up to speed with who you really are.

You are in full control of your own guidance system, you have the choice to which vibration you want and which feels the better vibration, we all want the good feeling vibration. Vibration comes through to you via your emotions and feelings. Not through spoken words, observe silently as the universe brings through the details. When you become tuned in, and feel this vibration, and practise this vibration, and own it and become a match to it, this is the wholeness of who you are, and what you have come to experience in this life time reality of the physical, is the fine tuning of your frequency, to your feelings, emotions, and thoughts.

Be discerning of emotional energy, identify when you have been taken away from the positive emotional vibration, and positively embrace negative emotion, and appreciate what part of the contrast of this emotion that had come into play, thank Source in appreciation of this contrast, don’t go back and procrastinate, this takes the attention further into the negative emotion, instead appreciate what the experience was, laugh at it, say well! That was entertaining, I certainly now understand the experience, now I will just focus right back up to my pure positive energy.

DE- active old thoughts old thoughts are just old thoughts, they no longer serve you, and will hold you where you are; you are here to create new thoughts.

Resistance to a thought: ask what’s bothering you, then realise it, and work through it, release it and let it go, you will feel the resistance of the thought releasing.

If you are focusing on a problem, the problem stays. If you are asking for a solution or an improvement, look only to the improvement or solution; take your eyes and thoughts away from the problem, for the more you observe the problem the improvement or solution cannot come about.

You are Source energy becoming more, you are as man calls God, you are here becoming more, and here to expand you. You are deliberately creating and deliberately manifesting your creations,

All eyes, are looking through the eyes of your Inner Being, these eyes only see purity, only see good in all, no matter what they are doing or whatever the conditions, these eyes appreciate implicitly, when you are connected to your Inner Being, life is good and the more good you feel the more good will come.

Think and feel, until you feel and think, this is allowing the thinking to come through after the feeling. This is being truly aligned with your Inner Being.

Speak only as long as it is good.

Think only if it is good thoughts.

Think only as long as it is fun

Try as long as it is easy

See goodness in everyone

Make the best of what is

If you are struggling with thoughts or feelings take a nap, when you wake begin with new thoughts.

I love this world

I appreciate the contrast that it brings.

I feel the ease of my thoughts.

I feel the emotions within my body with those feelings.

I feel when I am in synch and when I am not.

I love knowing what I have come to identify, what I want and what I don’t want.

I love knowing all that I have been through has brought me to a greater understanding of where I want to go.

I feel really satisfied and fulfilled and I feel this joy vibrating within me.

Build the momentum of emotional delicious thoughts, and feel the flow that those thoughts feel within the emotional body, non-physical your Inner Being The Source within views the world through your eyes, through your senses, through the appreciation of non-resistant pleasure in your environment, in your children, in your partner, in your animals, just viewing through your senses with pleasure is the feeling that we all want to reach, and then the universe responds to this vibration, maintain this vibration and all that you have put into your vibrational escrow will come to you.

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