Chill Out

183 plus text        

You were all given thoughts and all know what the imagination can do and bring about, the imagination is the dream and the dream came from the imagination, if conceivable where the thoughts arise from, and how the imagination builds the thoughts, and then to consider is it your thoughts or you tuning into this unseen Inner Being your Higher Self, the larger broader part of you. You would tap into this resourceful universal powers more and more, and have no doubts about its ability to deliver. It is to ask, and through a process of believing, and letting it go, and allowing the flow to occur and then the asking is given. All you have to focus upon is your thought vibrations to be a match to your asking desire. The way to be a match to your desire is not to think the opposite of the desire, not to think how, not to think when, not to think this is taking so long, not to think jealous thoughts of others who have it, this is the most disallowing vibration to foster, and the desires will not be realised by you, until you change your thought patterns.

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