Continuations of Thoughts

103 plus textOur destiny changes with our thoughts; we shall become what we wish to become, do what we wish to do, when our habitual thoughts correspond with our desires.

: Orison Swett Marden


Excerpts from ‘Clarity’     

The continuations of thoughts attract what you want. This is the Law of thought attraction, pure and simple as that.

How easy can this be, I have to be aware of my very own thoughts; that is the key, and that is the Holy Grail to your Inner Being and to the collective life stream of this vibrational energy, which flows vibrational energies through you and receives vibrational energies from you.

Consider the thoughts that flow in and out throughout the day, what thoughts are you gathering momentum upon, are they pure positive thoughts or have you tipped the scale to negative thoughts, thoughts are the mood patterns that dictate the day, these emotional moods dictate to who you are in this moment, they dictate and expand to outside physical human forms, they can gather momentum and create havoc, this would not occur on a high vibrating vibration. Thoughts are powerful, thoughts are vibration, thoughts are transmittable and receivable; only give out thoughts that you want to vibrate with and what you want to be the receiver of.

Think about your thoughts, how you start with a thought and then within minutes, that thought has deviated away from the first thought into thoughts of momentous proportions. Stop go back to the original thought if the flow of thought is a negative emotional thought, look at what created the thought, identify what and where these thoughts are taking you, how do you feel with the thought, do you want to go down this thought process, does it enhance you, or does it not serve you, and remember the thought is still a vibrational memory, it is to change the thought, and only think with new and better thoughts.

True alignment with your Source begins with thoughts, thoughts bring in emotional feelings, and these are the indicators to what you are feeling at any point in time. How do you feel when these thoughts are positive or negative, how does the body feel, how does the emotions feel, are you introducing a heavy dark energy feeling or a light feeling, these are the indicators how aligned you are with your Inner Being. All of these energies are vibration, what vibration are you courting.

Negative thought is a contradictory thought as your Inner Being The Source within does not see it that way, which is why you feel the off-ness of that thought, and the contrast of the thought evokes the decision, to feel a better feeling thought.

Negative emotion is the most practised emotion, it feels normal to most everyone, it is to recognise this negative emotion and clean it up.

When the thoughts and feelings are of pure and positive intent, and the emotional energy is light within, it gathers momentum of lightness and life just flows, this is the indicator you are pointing in the right direction, you feel appreciation for all things great and small, for negative and positive for you know each vibration is a vibration of experiencing for the expansion of your Source. The pure vibration looks at both aspects of the contrasting thought and the clarifying thought, and does not react to conditions, and understands the concept of each vibrating emotion; this is the freedom we all want to get to, and this is being in pure alignment.  It is to identify the thought behind the thought, behind the thought, and behind the thought, you may have a thought but feel a mixed emotion to the thought behind the thought, and you will begin to feel the thoughts.

Thought is the life steam, you are here now on the leading edge of thought, the universe expands with your thoughts, the universe appreciates pure delicious new thoughts, with new thought brings in new expansion, we have expanded our thoughts to the here and now, imagine the concept where new thought can lead the universe too, and lead your Source too.

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