You get what you want all the time no exceptions

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Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s

coming attractions.

: Albert Einstein

Excerpts from ‘Clarity’

You get what you want all the time no exceptions.

The wanted and unwanted is carved out of this life experience.

Thought processes of wanted and unwanted, is pointing you to your attraction. You cannot think a thought without thinking the opposite of that thought, the thought of the wanted and unwanted is what is directing you to that thought.

It is as simple as your thoughts; you have a choice, to change the thought pattern. We all have a yin and a yang; we all have a dark and a light side, a negative a positive, an opposite to a thought, it all depends on which one you are courting. It is the duality in wants and unwanted it is what you give your attention to “Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap” Galatians 6:7

If you want more money, and have been putting out for the wanting of more money, then put out a thought of its opposite of, I haven’t got the money, I don’t know how to get more money, the prominent thought I don’t have, and the desperation of wanting is the predominant thought. Desperation separates the desire because you are feeling the lack of money, meaning the not having of the money, which becomes the dominate thought.

I want a lover, but I don’t have a lover, how can I get a lover, how, when and the not having is the dominate thought patterns.

Thoughts have the intent of the thought. Thoughts that inspire, are the meaningful thoughts, the meaningful emotional feeling thoughts, when thoughts are connected in true meaningful vibration and the laws of the universe can feel those meaningful intentions behind the thoughts and emotional feelings, the laws of the universe will bring through those wants and desires, when they know you are in complete stable vibration to that vibrational frequency.

I want more money, keep building on what I want, imagine the money I know money is coming my way, it is not up to me to know how it comes, I can feel it, it feels good, I know I have to be up to speed with my vibration, I know it is fine tuning of me with my Inner Being my Source, and my Source knows what I want.

I want my lover I can feel my lover I can imagine my lover, I can imagine that good feeling, I can sense my lover, I can imagine going places with my lover, I feel the presence of my lover, even though I can’t see it or touch my lover, I can feel my lover into my presence, it is a wonderful feeling, I know my Source knows when my lover and I are ready for a greater expansion of love. I know in good time my lover will be the right lover by my side, we will be so tuned into vibration it makes me feel so gooey and delicious inside, because I know Source knows what I want, now I will let it be, to let it be is the tool, I do not have to ponder or keep on asking, for my desires, for they are already in process with infinite intelligence in the non-physical, I know they are marrying up the right person in the right time for me. I know it is all about my pureness of thought to that desire, and living and imagining the story, and most of all it is appreciating me, and others, and having fun along the way, and enjoying the presence of knowing.

My body is in dis-easement I know I can bring myself into full alignment of wellness by my very own thoughts; I now know that any dis-easement is about my very own thoughts adding to the momentum of the dis-easement. I now know it is all about disciplining my mind into the pure positive thoughts of wellness and seeing myself in pure wholeness and visualising my thoughts into wholeness. I now know, the more I see wellness the more wellness will build into my momentum of thoughts, and it is so delicious to know I can bring upon my own wellness into being. I now know all I have to do is imagine and feel my wellness into wholeness, with no thought at all to the dis-easement.

“Where is my lover, where is the money, I don’t have my lover, I don’t have my money, I have an incurable disease, why is it not here, where is it. OH! NO! Change the thought; change the thought”. This is the classic symptom of all physical emotional persons, which is why the wanted just cannot come. You cannot put an opposite thought to that desire. Wanted or unwanted it is all about what is your dominate thought pattern, and the attention to what you don’t want keeps you out of the receptive vibration, and will just perpetuate even further to receiving more.

The wants and desires that are not coming into fruition, even though you feel the readiness and the excitement is because your focus was in a dream building environment, the collapse is looking and observing the reality of the product and it not being here. This is pushing against the very thing which is wanted, that is the not having of it now, and you look and feel the lack, absence and desperation of what you want, which then spirals you even further away from your wants and desires, this is the never ending cycle, until finally you realise, it is all about appreciation and being in joy to where you are right here and now, even though you can’t feel it, or see it, or touch it, just know that infinite intelligence does know what you have put into your wants and desires, and it is amassing there in vibration for you to come up to speed to those desires, these desires can only be realised by you when you are in complete tunement to that desire, this is the fine tunement of your vibration feelings and emotions, and to what your thoughts are into relation to your wants. You have to spend the vibrational currency in your imagination and imagine how it would feel; this opens the portal to the reality currency to begin to flow to you.

If you are asking for a solution or an improvement, look only to the improvement or solution; take your physical eyes and thoughts away from the problem, for the more you observe the problem, the problem becomes more, and the improvement or solution cannot come about.

What separates individuals is the tendency to give up, because it is not happening, and with this attitude it will not happen. It is the stick ability of the imagination that brings about the wanted desires.

Another separation is that the thoughts of your wants are already done, what keeps you away from the manifestation always! Is the obsession of reality!

Strong desire brings about strong resistance, when you know what you want; it is stopping the thoughts of the desire and focusing on how it would feel when the desire comes about, and just focusing upon how it would feel, this will soften the strong obsession of what is not happening into a focussing of soft emotional feelings within.

Perpetuating thoughts is taking an issue that is not working out; in relationships, in blaming, in worrying, in concerning, in complaining, in keeping on thinking about a problem just keeps on perpetuating with greater thoughts and expanding into those thoughts, and really is it working out, do you feel the angst, the aggression, the dogmatic stance, the headaches, the illnesses, the aches in the body, do you think it is really working out for you? Change your thoughts into what feels good, and focus on what feels good right now, and focus upon that only. By choosing what feels good brings pleasure and moves the energy, only think for the pleasure of your thoughts not the construction of other people’s thoughts. Once you reach for the pleasure in good thoughts, and by choosing the good thoughts only, will open up the receptiveness of the impulses of what is next.

Success is in the imagination and the story you tell in your thoughts. You consciously think and feel it into being of what you want, it is the energy thought form of the embryo building and growing with each thought, and then feeling the embryo build and grow from a thought form into a feeling emotion then into the gestation, this is what All the eyes and The Source feels and works toward.

All eyes (meaning non-physical) is looking through the eyes of your Inner Being, these eyes only see purity, only see good in all, no matter what they are doing or whatever the conditions, these eyes appreciate implicitly, when you are connected to your Inner Being, life feels joyful, life is good and the more good you feel, the more good will come.

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