Events are Created by your Thoughts



People often speak and bandy about at an event, and how the energy felt really good, without realising the significance of this energy, and to keep the momentum of this energy flowing; and without realising that this momentum energy is real it is not only the hype up of the audience, but it is all the positive vibrational energies being compounded by all their Inner-beings enjoying the flow, and this flows into greater proportions.

This same energy is created and grows and compounds into greater energy either in the negative thoughts, or the positive thoughts, it depends on which end of the vibration you are on, if you were to believe in this powerful energy, and that it is real, and it is all to do with your thoughts, the more you think it, the more it becomes, you have to decide which thought you wish to compound and perpetuate.

You take notice for yourself because words cannot teach, it is feeling the emotional energy for yourself and testing the energy and testing which vibration you are perpetuating.

I cannot express enough that the thoughts you think create the power, not the action you do because the thought was already in motion.

Play out the scenario of the American election

This is and was how thoughts are created. Many people were devasted by the events, without realising they created this election by their very own thoughts.

Most of the human population was focused upon what they did not want, and not focused upon what they did want.

There thoughts were in consistency of not wanting this person to run the country, they talked about it, they spewed it all day they saw it on media then they proceeded to re-talk about it again and again, until the only vibration which was being emitted in the country was of what they did not want, and the focus upon what they all really wanted was lost.

That you give your attention too becomes more powerful, if the whole country had focused only upon what they did want the opposite would have occurred. But the negative vibration became the dominate thought pattern which in turn created the outcome, they and you had all asked for this outcome.

Be truthful remember what was your dominate thoughts, what did you talk about all day, you went to sleep on it, you woke up with it, and not only you but every vortex of consciousness in America was projecting these same thoughts. So sorry dear folks, you did create and bring this person into power.

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