The Power of Thought


The power of thought, could it be this simple;

Yes, it is, the thoughts you create, not in the meaning of creating physically but creating in the mind, creating what you want and how you want it to be.

This is what each person has come to do, to experience, to expand thought and to become the whole of who you are. The whole of you is thought, you brought yourself into this life time experience to expand you, you are the creator of you, you chose this life time to become more to that greater and larger part of you which is the eternal Inner-Being which is you.

What is this Inner-Being you may ask, what is the meaning of eternal; You have two aspects of you, the greater part of you which is a vibrational energy of which you can feel, this is your Inner-Being or your higher self, it does not matter what label you give it, it is all about how you feel to the emotional feelings, and understanding the feeling behind the emotion, this is being tuned into your larger part of you, this Inner being is your guiding path, when you feel a negative emotion it is telling you that your Inner being does not see it that way and to change your thoughts to a better outcome, by changing your thoughts.

Eternal is a vibrational energy that is forever pulsating this energy cannot be extinguished, it is you from many past life events, each of these events is what you have chosen to do, or become, and each chosen event is the powerful asking to expand and understand more to become more, and the only way to expand and become more is by experiencing and growing your energy.

In each event you were very excited to be anew, and it could have been a man, a female, or both or physically impaired, all these experiences were all focused into beingness for the expansion of your energy, and to come to more understanding, and to grow and become more. What stops this growth is what you have been taught, or the perception of others, or to be what they want you to be. You can only discover yourself by discovering this emotional feeling, and by gravitating to the thought that being, you are eternal, and most of all you are the Source to all of that of which you are.

So, there you are you are eternal, and you are God the Source, get over it, and discover a new way to experience freedom and growth, you may be very surprised how life will just evolve into more beauty, more manifestations and dreams into beingness.

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