Who we really are

backlit-clouds-dawn-415380The human form is a vortex of thought form of matter, it is eternally swirling through the human form and out of the human form, and when the human form is depleted or in other words the shell is dead, it becomes pure thought form again to reinvent a new human form to expand its consciousness.

The human form’s mission in life is to create by observing the environment of what they desire to do, or be, or live, or relationships, work or prosperity, and then its second mission is to listen, and feel to the vortexes thoughts and what the vortex thinks about the thoughts for its own expansion.

It is you creating your thoughts to be more, not less than, it is always projected forward looking and never projected backwards, if you want to project backwards and keep digging up past issues this will keep you there, your mission is only to imagine, and dream, and focus forward looking. You can be or do anything, it is only a thought a way.

The vortex interacts with powerful emotions to all topics, and the human man will make the discovery in how it feels to the subject. This is how the power of emotions and thoughts were created it is the wireless vibration to all existence. This wireless communication builds on your imagination and forms it into matter, it becomes matter when you focus your thoughts into that direction, not to the opposite of what you want. This is a powerful stream and it is to trust it and believe in it.

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