You are the house for this energy stream

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Everything you think is created by thought. If conceivable to consider where does the thought arise from, and if possibly it were true that a spirit that man just bandies with this word was just not a word, but a definable unseen entity within all, and everyone is the power of thought, and is the guiding life stream to all thoughts, and that it is how these thoughts relate to the emotions you feel within, these thoughts are the meter to how you feel, and the interaction in what is being created in thought to the wanted and unwanted, when this understanding is understandable, you will be able to create and feel, and create and feel how the emotions relate to the creation of the thought, you begin to feel if the thought that you are having is the right thought to what the spiritual entity is having on that same thought. A negative thought is always a separation from what the spirit is feeling to that thought, a negative thought is the indication that the spirit does not believe in that thought, and does not join you in that thought, if the human form takes the negative thought into more negativity it will just get bigger and will be felt, the feeling breaks out into illnesses and ailments and headaches, and then into depressed mode.

Negative emotion is the indicator you are going the wrong way. Observing conditions keeps you in the receptive mode, of the condition, and observing conditions from other physical human beings vibration, will become a condition, if you want it then keep on observing.

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