Thoughts Create


I experienced how thoughts create last week, I had this thought in the back of my mind, either I was creating, or I was being guided to what may happen. My thought was, all this work on my computer, and can it handle the work, and I had a free PDF site I was using but it would only handle 25mb, I finally downloaded Acrobat Pro to be able to carry on with my picture books and covers, but in the mean time I was still working on two covers, on Saturday after the download of Acrobat which took a long time, that night I completed one book cover and sent it to the publishers, and was going to do the other the next day as I was feeling tired, but for some reason I had this burst off energy to get it done and within half an hour it was created and sent to the publisher, then I put my computer to sleep mode, and it certainly was sleep mode it decided to end its frequency with me. I hadn’t backed up for three weeks all my set up was lost for me, but the books were now all done and sent. So hence a new computer, and all its setting up and transferring files, I am finally back again with creational quotes and how the importance of thought is.

I had first-hand experience of my thoughts which created into an unfolding that I did not want. But all the while I had the thoughts I hope my computer is alright with this, or was it projected to me, the energies certainly could have told me to back-up. But they certainly told me to keep on going with the last cover.


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