Everything is a Vibrating Frequency

75 plus text.jpg

Momentum of thought reverts to emotional feelings, these are indicators to what point of attraction that you are in vibration with, and if you have good feeling thoughts, positive joy and appreciation thoughts you are on the vibrational path that is becoming the true alignment of who you really are, and with your Inner Being your own Source.

If the momentum of thought is pointing you into a dark heavy energy, and your emotions are spiralling out of control, and you feel out of whack you are on a vibrational pattern that is not in true alignment to who you really are, or to become, the Inner Being within you knows when you are out of synch to who you are meant to be, these feelings are not from The Source, for The Source is of pure energy and is giving indicators to change your emotions, this is your mood indicator to where you are standing at every moment in time. Every time you feel your mood dive, always remember this is not The Source within, it is you that has deviated from your Inner Being your Source, The negative emotion you feel is you not taking the bounce to where your Inner Being is, it is you, still looking at what is, take the bounce – you have to keep up with you.

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