All is NOW

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All eyes (meaning non-physical) is looking through the eyes of your Inner Being, these eyes only see purity, only see good in all, no matter what they are doing or whatever the conditions, these eyes appreciate implicitly, when you are connected to your Inner Being, life feels joyful, life is good and the more good you feel, the more good will come.

Then you will come to a point where you will feel the energy of NOW, everything is NOW, when a thought pops in from days gone by, change the thought to NOW and what you want NOW, not yesterday’s thought, that thought will keep you in that vibration and more so if it is a negative thought, slide the thoughts to the present and build upon what is wanted into emotional harmonizing thoughts, and why you want your desires to be manifested. Focus upon the goal post of what is wanted, and feel the present emotion of now, enjoy what is NOW, if you cannot focus on what is in the present conditions of NOW, focus your thoughts in the direction of what makes you happy, anything that keeps the uplifting feelings within.

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