What are you Observing

72 plus text.jpg

The wants and desires that are not coming into fruition, even though you feel the readiness and the excitement is because your focus was in a dream building environment, the collapse is looking and observing the reality of the product and it not being here. This is pushing against the very thing which is wanted, that is the not having of it now, and you look and feel the lack, absence and desperation of what you want, which then spirals you even further away from your wants and desires, this is the never ending cycle, until finally you realise, it is all about appreciation and being in joy to where you are right here and now, even though you can’t feel it, or see it, or touch it, just know that infinite intelligence does know what you have put into your wants and desires, and it is amassing there in vibration for you to come up to speed to those desires, these desires can only be realised by you when you are in complete tunement to that desire, this is the fine tunement of your vibration feelings and emotions, and to what your thoughts are into relation to your wants. You have to spend the vibrational currency in your imagination and imagine how it would feel; this opens the portal to the reality currency to begin to flow to you.

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