Emotions are Unsurmountable

106 plus text.jpg

There are many emotions, fear is an emotion, love is an emotion, powerfulness is an emotion, satisfaction is an emotion, confidence is an emotion, hatred is an emotion, frustration is an emotion, anger is an emotion, eagerness is an emotion, excitement is an emotion, the range of emotions is unsurmountable, if you take the emotion of love there are many forms of love, it is an unconditional love emotion, love is a friendship emotion, feeling in love is an emotion, how you feel loving your pets, how you love in an activity, how you feel in love, how you feel viewing your world with joyous love, the love emotion is vast and you will discover the feelings of what it feels to feel in each emotion, but also identifying how it feels to the emotion, all these feelings guide you, when you feel if something you should do and are not sure, you will feel an angst within you, and when you feel yes! I want to do this or you feel an excitement within you, you will feel the urge to just go and nothing will hold you back, and your guidance system will give you thoughts it then begins to flow like a current, and this current is guiding you, it is not to counteract to those thoughts, this is your inner guidance system giving the thoughts, but so many people discredit these thoughts.

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