Every Thought Exists

103 plus text

If you consider that you are all thinking mechanisms of thinking, you are always thinking, you are always dreaming, you are always imagining where do you think these thoughts come from, there are many piles of thought waves, some of these piles are of momentous proportions of good feeling thoughts, and not so good feeling thoughts, some thoughts have a strong asking, and some thoughts hold a strong resistance, these thoughts collectively form and create more thought, with these thoughts it is to identify the emotion behind the thought and to which emotion you want to activate, a good feeling thought activates a positive flow of energy and a happy thought activates a response to the subjects of thoughts and is always finding the solution, a resistant thought or unhappy thoughts activates more of the same thoughts and stays in the problems. Pervasive belief of thought creates whatever you are asking for, and everything is an asking for, because if you keep the thought alive it just becomes more. The more you observe the more the thoughts create to what is being observed, it is in the focusing of what is been observed in a changed thought, and the thoughts you create can alter the behaviour of the observed thought.

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