The Relationship is between You and You

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The preparation is to define who you are, and who you allow into your experience, every relationship experience is expanding who you are, and expanding to who you want to become, it is the appreciation of well-being, it is reaching for behavior’s that are good for you, it is the preparation of your thoughts and feelings of who you want to vibrate with, it is having fun along the way, it is creating what the intellect of the person is, it is about the vibration of the person with their own Inner Being, it is co-creating with your alignment of fullness with someone who will share and enhance your alignment of fullness, it is creating and expanding the lover into feeling it into being. Feel every aspect of what you want out of a partner, feel this partner as if the partner were here, even though you can’t touch it or see it, your job is to grow an expansion of feeling this person into vibration, and when the non-physical can feel the vibration of your meaningful desire, the universe will match you up to a likeminded vibrational person, it is about timing and the right timing. Remember what you want and in what direction you are pointing too, is what you shall receive, in the wanted and unwanted. No exceptions.

What takes you away from a desired partner is the not having a partner, and where is the partner, and why haven’t I a partner, looking for someone instead of building momentum of the desired partner. Not allowing of the universe to bring the thought building partner into reality. Not being happy without a partner, for you have to be happy with The Self-first and foremost. Not to look for someone to make you happy, it is your job to allow it to happen, and to create the partner into existence.

Tough call but that is creating at its best, and then, only the best will be delivered.


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