Joy Is

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Joy becomes your friend, your lover, your wants, your desires. To be in tune with joy creates expansion of joy, which creates the deliverance of what you are wanting. Joy is the unfolding guiding point of pointing in the right direction. Joy is the all-knowing that all is well, joy expands your Source to an even greater expansion, and this joyous expansion is felt by non-physical, and with this joyous vibration then becomes manifest able desires. Joy is the appreciation of life, the appreciation of where you are at, in any point in time, no matter what the condition is right here right now.

Joy allows the unfolding, joy is the unfolding. Joy is in the knowing of the laws of the universe, and the relationship of where you are in vibration.

Joy is the all-knowing that you know, and the allowance is allowing the laws of the universe to deliver in perfect timing.

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